Where do you teach yoga?

Group classes are currently offered at Peterborough Living Yoga. The studio provides a warm and inviting space with hardwood floors and lots of props - mats, blankets, bolsters, blocks, straps, and eye pillows are all available for your use! The studio is located at 394 George St. N, in the heart of downtown Peterborough.

Private instruction is typically offered at your home or another space available to you (office, neighbourhood park, etc.). Props can be provided for use during your session. If you would like to arrange a private class, Rooted Heart will send you a brief questionnaire that helps me learn a bit about you and prepare for yoga in your space.

Private instruction may also include print or digital media to help you continue your home practice beyond our one-on-one sessions. Please contact me for details!

Do forest therapy sessions include a yoga practice?

Forest therapy is typically offered as a stand-alone practice. Guided forest therapy sessions will not include yoga, nor require any prior knowledge of yoga or other practices. In some cases, special events like half day workshops or retreats may include both forest therapy and yoga sessions, in which case that will be clearly communicated in the event title and description.

Is Forest therapy sort of like going for a hike?

Forest therapy sessions move at a deliberately slow pace - much slower than the average hiking speed. While on a guided forest therapy session, you will have many opportunities to walk and move your body, but you generally will not be moving quick enough to generate much body heat. Slowing down can help us notice more of what is going on in the natural world. It can be challenging for some folks to really slow down, which is part of why having a guide can be so helpful!

What should I bring to my Forest Therapy session?

Fill out the intake and waiver form prior to arriving to your first session. If you have any severe food allergies, please send us your form as early as possible so that we can be sure to accommodate your needs.

Please dress for the weather! We will carry on through light wind, rain, and snow. Please remember that this is a slow practice, so you will likely feel cooler than you would on a hike or other outdoor activity. On very cold days it is especially important to wear warm boots and socks, as our feet tend to get cold easily. Rooted Heart will provide handwarmers to participants any time throughout our fall and winter sessions, and most sessions end with hot tea.

Rooted Heart also provides foam pads and/or stools so that participants can have a comfortable seat in the forest, as needed. If you have any particular accessibility or mobility needs, please contact us ahead of time to make arrangements that will help you to attend your event stress-free.

Should I bring my young children or pets along with me to a forest therapy session?

The practice of forest therapy that Rooted Heart offers is designed more so for adults than young children. However, it is a simple practice that often invites playfulness, and can be enjoyed by many people (and animals) depending on their needs. A typical forest therapy session will involve several periods of stillness and/or quiet time that can last 15 to 30 minutes, interspersed with opportunities to move, speak, and listen with the group.

You might consider the following questions:

  • Can my child / pet behave calmly and quietly for the full length of a specific walk (check the event schedule, as this can range from 1.5 to 3 hours) and sit still for multiple spans of 15-30 minutes?  
  • How likely are they to disturb wildlife and other participants during the walk?  
  • As the parent / owner, will I be able to focus my attention on my personal senses and the subtleties of nature happening around me with my child / pet present?

Public Group walks do not work well for my young children / pets / coworkers / elderly relatives. What should I do?

Forest therapy is a wonderfully accessible and adaptable practice that can be molded to suit the needs of its participants. Rooted Heart would love to work together with you to create a walk that works for you and your group - whomever it might include. Please contact me to discuss how I can serve you better in a private setting.